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Point Comm. ((OPEN))

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 11, 2013, 10:09 AM
:bulletgreen: -THINGS I WILL NOT DRAW- 
- Mecha stuff
- No mythical creatures because I can't draw that either. So no dragons or anythin.
- Ponies
- insects/arachnids
- Backgrounds other than a simple color ((trying to work on this a bit more))
- Canon characters/ocs that look too canon

:bulletgreen: -WHAT I WILL DRAW-
- Pretty much anything other than that. 
- Furries/Anthro ((I love drawing them but I just caNT DRAW MUZZLES ASDFGHJ))
- OC's ((if it isn't a mythical creature or somethin))
- Yes I CAN DRAW NSFW, but note me what you want and we can work out a price or something.


:bulletblue: - SKETCHES / DOODLERS - 850 :points: ((headshot, waist up, etc.))
- Boss Ass Beach - by D-Mau5Kanaya west by D-Mau5Jade H. by D-Mau5- Over The Sweeps - by D-Mau5Tulip by D-Mau5tiny doodle dump by D-Mau5 ((top two))

:bulletblue: - COLORED SKETCHES - 1,150 :points:
- Speak My Peace - by D-Mau5Happy Birthday Bunny! by D-Mau5Braz by D-Mau5Beach Babe by D-Mau5Jada Harely by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -CHIBI-
Full body = 1,500 :points:
Bust = 1,300 :points:

- It's All Mine - by D-Mau5 - I Watch The Sky All Night - by D-Mau5[CLOSED]Chibi Fantroll Adopt: Jade by D-Mau5[CLOSED]Chibi Fantroll Adopt by D-Mau5[CLOSED]Chibi Fantroll Adopt: Royal Blue by D-Mau5Luz Ref by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -LINEART-
Bust = 900 :points:
Waist up= 1,200 :points:
Chibi ((always fullbody chibis ))= 800 :points:
Full body= 1,400 :points:
Brush Pen = 1,700 :points:
(( I can do colored linearts too, so be specific)
comm mantos by D-Mau5Latula Lineart by D-Mau5the hat ffucktard by D-Mau5ghost babe by D-Mau5Damara lineart by D-Mau5- Los Lobos - by D-Mau5lineart of the kraehe :V by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -HEADSHOT- 2,100 :points:

- Look To The Skies - by D-Mau5 - It's Been Quite A While - by D-Mau5- Give 'Em a Couple Seconds - by D-Mau5Use Thunderbolt by D-Mau5Headshot Comm. Hanabe by D-Mau5

:bulletblue:- BUSTS - 2,500 :points:
- Tomorrow Never Comes - by D-Mau5- Now I Don't Know What To Do - by D-Mau5-You Don't Know What's In Store - by D-Mau5- Don't Tell Me About Your Doubts - by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: - CLOSE-UP BUTTON - 2,900 :points:
- They Say I Don't Remember - by D-Mau5- Don't Think About It Too Much - by D-Mau5- I'm Out Here Living My Passions - by D-Mau5Button Comm 1 / 2 by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -CUSTOM ADOPTS-  1,500 :points: 

 [CLOSED] MALE FANTROLL ADOPT by D-Mau5  Custom babe by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: - CUSTOM OUTFITS - 1,100 :points:
Custom outfit comm. by D-Mau5 [CLOSED] Outfit adopt by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: --MONOCHROME-Y THINGS--
Busts = 1,350 :points:
Other((be specific)) = 1,400 -2,300 :points: ((depending on complexity n whatnot))
- Too Many Problems To Count - by D-Mau5 - Voodoo - by D-Mau5 - Piss Off - by D-Mau5
- Take It Back - by D-Mau5Nahbi Flowers by D-Mau5- Every Shadow Filled Up With Doubt - by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -GORE/BLOODY STUFF-
Bust shot = 2,900 :points:
Waist up = 3,300 :points:
- The Fear - by D-Mau5- Can't Escape What You Are - by D-Mau5- In The Company Of Wolves - by D-Mau5- You're On Your Own - by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -WAIST UP- 3,500 :points:

- You Are My Light - by D-Mau5Waist Up Comm. by D-Mau5- He's Got His Head In The Clouds - by D-Mau5- Tear The Flesh - by D-Mau5- Into The Fire - by D-Mau5

:bulletblue:- KNEEHIGH - 4,100 :points:

The Peerless by D-Mau5 Obedient Guard Dog :V by D-Mau5  - I'm Not The One Who's So Far Away - by D-Mau5 - That Girl Is A Problem - by D-Mau5
:bulletblue: -COUPLES- 4,600 :points: (( because they're dificult))

- The Madman And The Wannabe Hero - by D-Mau5- Just Kiss The Girl - by D-Mau5- You'll Know It'll Last - by D-Mau5- You And Me - by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -FULL BODY- 4,600 :points: 

Mizuki by D-Mau5 - Just A Scratch - by D-Mau5 - Last Of The Pride - by D-Mau5- Your Only Hope Is Evil - by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: Ref sheets are 6,500 :points:

- Dead Is The New Alive - by D-Mau5 - Not Like The Others - by D-Mau5 African Painted Dogboy by D-Mau5 - He Just Kept Beggin For More - by D-Mau5

  • Listening to: Beauty Brain - Veneno
Skin by Nobody (modified by D-Mau5)
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Dragon-Wolf-Lover Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015
Hey~ c: (sorry I've spammed your work with so many comments lately xD)

I finally go tired of saving up for a commission from you, so I just straight-up bought the points to commission you~ :heart:

Could I get a custom adopt? c: 
D-Mau5 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:0000000 !!!!
omg heck yeah you can! :> Just send the :points: and fill this out and I'll get started later! :>

Hairstyle((long short etc)): 
Any accessories?:

if it's a FANTROLL custom: 
Blood Color: 
ANy mutations?:
Dragon-Wolf-Lover Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015
I don't have a specific guideline for clothing... so feel free to go wild with what I give you xD you can go wild with colors and whatnot

She is a troll loosely based around a bat, so feel free to do with that as you will 

Height: about 6'0

Weight: uhhhh 155-160 lbs?? I'm thinking she'll have an athletic body type

Age: 9 solar sweeps (18 human years)

Gender: Female

Hairstyle((long short etc)):
Short, spiky, maybe a bit edgy looking

Any accessories?: Three golden bands on her left arm

Top: Bikini top, no shirt. Ankle-length long jacket that stays open

Bottoms: Capri sweatpants (like this…) and ankle-high red converse

Horns: Asymmetrical. Left horn is snapped off about halfway up; right horn is like a short corkscrew

Symbol: Troll Symbol ( link)

Blood Color: Rust

Any mutations?: Not sure if you would count this as a MUTATION per say, but she has elongated fangs
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