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Submitted on
December 11, 2013


29 (who?)

Point Comm. ((Still Closed))

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 11, 2013, 10:09 AM
:bulletgreen: -THINGS I WILL NOT DRAW- 
- Mecha stuff
- Any animal of the sort. I can't draw them.
- Human NSFW because nipples make me laugh and I can't draw dicks. ((not that I know of ahaha))
- Sketches
- No mythical creatures because I can't draw that either. So no dragons or anythin.
- No insects/arachnids
- Backgrounds. 

:bulletgreen: -WHAT I WILL DRAW-
- Pretty much anything other than that. 
- Furries ((I love drawing them but I just caNT DRAW MUZZLES ASDFGHJ))
- OC's ((if it isn't a mythical creature or somethin))
- Canon characters ((no real life people i cant just turn them into my style))

- SKETCHES / DOODLERS - 100 :points: ((headshot, waist up, etc.))
- Boss Ass Beach - by D-Mau5Kanaya west by D-Mau5rooooooose by D-Mau5Tulip by D-Mau5tiny doodle dump by D-Mau5 ((top two))

- COLORED SKETCHES - 450 :points:
- Speak My Peace - by D-Mau5Happy Birthday Bunny! by D-Mau5Braz by D-Mau5Beach Babe by D-Mau5

-CHIBI- 350 :points:

- It's All Mine - by D-Mau5 - Everything Must Be Radical - by D-Mau5[TAKEN]female adopt by D-Mau5

Bust = 250 :points:
Waist up= 350 :points:
Chibi ((always fullbody chibis ))= 400 :points:
Full body= 500 :points:
(( I can do colored linearts too, but only Red, Brown, Orange-ish brown, Orange, Jade, Cerulean, and Purple.))
comm mantos by D-Mau5 Latula Lineart by D-Mau5 the hat ffucktard by D-Mau5ghost babe by D-Mau5 Damara lineart by D-Mau5- Los Lobos - by D-Mau5

-HEADSHOT- 600 :points:

- Look To The Skies - by D-Mau5 - It's Been Quite A While - by D-Mau5- But I Can't Understand - by D-Mau5Use Thunderbolt by D-Mau5

- BUSTS - 700 :points:
- Light The Fire - by D-Mau5- Feel The Snake Bite Enter My Veins - by D-Mau5- The Pride - by D-Mau5

-BADGES- 800 :points:

- Have Some Composure - by D-Mau5 - Maybe You Should Smile - by D-Mau5

- Too Many Problems To Count - by D-Mau5 - Voodoo - by D-Mau5

- Headshot = 450 :points:
- Waist Up = 550 :points:
- I'm A Loser, Baby - by D-Mau5- Destroy All Hope - by D-Mau5- Don't Look Back - by D-Mau5

Headshot= 700 :points:
Waist up= 900 :points:
- The Fear - by D-Mau5- Can't Escape What You Are - by D-Mau5- In The Company Of Wolves - by D-Mau5

-WAIST UP- 800 :points:

71 By Sauriv-d80vu9r by D-Mau5- When I Was Young - by D-Mau5 - He Plays Em Like The Pawn - by D-Mau5//girlish screaming/ by D-Mau5

-COUPLES- 1,100 :points:

- And We Shall Dream - by D-Mau5 - The Madman And The Wannabe Hero - by D-Mau5- Just Kiss The Girl - by D-Mau5

-FULL BODY- 1,000 :points: 

Mizuki by D-Mau5 - Just A Scratch - by D-Mau5 - Last Of The Pride - by D-Mau5

Markers/color pencils = 1,200 :points:

 [CLOSED]Male FT Adopts by D-Mau5 KEEPING ASDFGHJKL by D-Mau5 [CLOSED]Adopt by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: Ref sheets are 1,800 :points:

- Dead Is The New Alive - by D-Mau5 - Not Like The Others - by D-Mau5

+ Colored Bg = 100 :points:
+ Extra character = 500 :points:
If you want me to mail them to you((which is perfectly fine if ya really want me to)) it'll be 500 :points: extra. :I

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